Nucell Supplements

Nucell Supplements Since 2002

From development, through manufacturing and packaging, our very strict quality control procedures offer you and your customers the quality assurance that you need. Every product, whether it be a cosmetic, pharmaceutical or nutritional product always undergoes a battery of quality assurance testing that is uniquely designed, and specially chosen for that specific product. All of our general product quality assurance testing is immediately done in-house prior to the first supplement being filled. All pharmaceutical products are sent to independent laboratories to further assay and confirm the strength of active ingredients.

Nucell is also a contract manufacturing company with manufacturing abilities ranging from creams, liquids and gels to tablets, capsules and soft gets. From our state of the art 70,000 square foot facility, Nucell has been in operation in Miami, Florida 2002. Nucell is also a certified organic facility. For the best and purest private labeling and contract manufacturer, Nucell is Your Source.

Nucell assist our clients with every step of product and brand recognition. From product concepts, through scientific research, development, testing, packaging design, and brand recognition, Nucell has the knowledge and experience to help you maximize success. Nucell Can help formulate your vision into a reality, for consulation services contact us.